Facebook – Kait Carson recommends Verandah Pet Hospital.
39 mins ·
Everything, but most importantly, the quality of care and the way the entire staff cares about your pets.

Facebook – Mike Choate recommends Verandah Pet Hospital.
June 28 ·
Great place, great Doctors and a very caring staff.

Facebook – Giuseppa Zina Villano reviewed Verandah Pet Hospital — 5 star
April 12 ·
The absolute best veterinarians in SWFL!!! They’ve taken such good care of my dogs! I truly appreciate the entire staff!!! Thank you for being so wonderful!

Marcia Kay ****** reviewed Verandah Pet Hospital — 5 star

I love Dr. Bonnie. She takes such care and time with

her patients and their families…


I unfortunately had the need to take Morgan to the vets today and i was given the details of Verandah Pet Hospital, they gave me an appointment for today and i was so impressed with the treatment we were given by all the staff we encountered. Very Good 1st impressions.


Patti ******** reviewed Verandah Pet Hospital — 5 star
June 23

I have taken my dogs there for 19 years except when I lived out of state. Dr. Piper is excellent and caring and Julie is fantastic.

Angie’s List Review- August 2, 2012 – Overall Rating – A

Description Of Work: I recently moved to Florida and I have a dog and a cat, so I thereforeneeded a veterinarian to care for my pets.  My pets have seen both Dr.Douglas Piper and Dr. Bonny Westlake.  Both of the doctors and theirstaff are very efficient, extremely pleasant and knowledgeable.
Member Comments: I took my dog, Maxwell, first to have his annual physical and to receivehis annual shots.  While he was there, he was chipped and received a six month supply of the oral flea, tick and heartworm medication.  On thenext visit, I took my cat, Lil’ Bit, for her annual check up and toreceive her annual shots.  I also got her a 6 month supply of oral fleaand tick medication.  On Maxwell’s next office visit it was for a teethcleaning, in which they had to put him to sleep to do dental xrays andclean his teeth.  He then had a follow up appointment to check his teeth and show me the proper way to brush his teeth.


Angie’s List Review- June 21, 2012 – Overall Rating – A

Description Of Work: Blood test on cat for FIV, FeLV and heartworms

Member Comments: Our first visit to this vets office and we were pleased to find anefficiently run and pleasant office.  On the info form we filled out,they asked what type of food we feed our pet.  They actually reviewedthat on the spot, and inquired if we knew about the recent pet foodrecalls.  We will definitely return to this vet again when the needarises.


Angie’s List Review- April 23, 2012 – Overall Rating – A

Description Of Work: I took my two cats in for examination.

Member Comments: Dr. Piper is like a an animal whisperer. I have never experienced such a good vet.


Dr.Westlake by bernermom – February 28, 2012 
Dr. Westlake is a wonderful, caring vet who will be sorely missed in Cape Coral. Best wishes to her in her new home and practice. We’re glad she’s staying in southwest Florida

Angie’s List Review- January 5, 2012 – Overall Rating – A

Description Of Work: treated sick dog

Member Comments: I received a prompt appointment for the dog to be examined.Service was complete and professional. He even recommended ways toreduce the cost while maintaining the essential requirements to help mydog get well.


Nothing But The Truth – Aug 16, 2011     
My best friend/roommate’s dog out of nowhere became unresponsive after convulsing/stiffening of her limbs. We feared we were losing her so we rushed her to the Verandah Animal Hospital mainly because it was closest to the house and she needed help immediately but also because I’d heard so many excellent recommendations. Fortunately, at the same time we walked through the door she happened to start breathing normally and was once again responsive but Dr. Piper did a thorough exam and took our account of what happened seriously. He did not see for himself what happened but he didn’t seem as though he thought we were exaggerrating which was refreshing. Dr. Piper and his staff were very empathetic. They were professional but not cold. He took the time to talk to us, to answer our questions thoroughly. My best friend and I will definitely be taking our fur-babies to the Verandah Pet Hospital from now on. Its such a relief to have someone competent and trustworthy in the event of an emergency or any other cause for a visit.

Reprinted from: http://maps.google.com/maps/place?hl=en&georestrict=input_srcid:11168b50d9aa3f68


Angie’s List Review- July 18, 2011 – Overall Rating – A

Description Of Work: We went in to establish another Vet service. 

Member Comments: Everyone here was excellent.  They were compassionate with both the people and animals.



Without a doubt…best Veterinary Clinic in Southwest Florida by Tony Vetter      
06/20/2011 Since 1979, I have dealt with Dr. Piper in his care of both Police K-9’s professionally and now my personal animals. There is no doubt that he and his staff rate A+ many times over.The care provided over the years of my animals is bypassed by none and the care and compassion given, no words can describe.We all hope that many more years of service by Dr. Piper and his Staff remain. The world of Veterinary Medicine gets no finer… 

Reprinted from: http://www.dexknows.com/business_profiles/verandah_pet_hospital-b1268817#openReview


1-10-2011 –      
Dr. Piper has been practicing in Fort Myers for 30 years and offers the same excellent care at Verandah Pet Hospital as when he was owner of Piper’s Riverdale Animal Clinic.
Reprinted from: http://www.vetratingz.com/ratings/37832/Veterinarian-Verandah-Pet-Hospital.html

Best Vet in Lee County by Barxley       
01/04/2011 Recently I became disabled and unable to care for my 3 dogs. Thanks to the Verandah Pet Hospital’s kennel and professional staff, I was able to board my dogs. I knew they were safe, happy and healthy. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! They have an outside run, which isn’t available at many places. They offer full services including baths. The staff is exceptional and offer years of experience and lots of love. They give a darn.

Reprinted from: http://www.dexknows.com/business_profiles/verandah_pet_hospital-b1268817#openReview 

Dr. Piper Saved My Cats’ Life! by christinedunham      
12/11/2010 My cat, Spooky, recently suffered from a sudden blockage in his urinary tract from bladder stones. After being twice misdiagnosed by the Emergency Vet Clinic on Collier Avenue, Dr. Piper took action immediately to save Spooky’s life and performed emergency catheterization and surgery. Within several days, Spooky was back to his regular, happy and loving self. I am a “snowbird” from Ohio and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I found Dr. Piper at Verandah Pet Hospital. His facility is top notch and his staff are professional and loving. Five stars!

Reprinted from: http://www.dexknows.com/business_profiles/verandah_pet_hospital-b1268817#openReview 

Thanks Dr Piper by Jeff Tumbarello      
11/20/2010 Dr Piper and the staff takes very good care of my 2 dogs and cat. I would trust no one else.

Reprinted from: http://www.dexknows.com/business_profiles/verandah_pet_hospital-b1268817#openReview


You will not find anywhere better by lil rock’s mumma 
10/26/2010 Dr. Piper and his staff have been putting forth such an amazing effort in order to save our puppy. They are kind and understanding and very great with animals. They explain everything and take out the time to answer any and all questions. They offer excellent pet advice and treatment along with compassion that is so rare these days. They treat your pet as they should: part of the family. I would recommend them to anyone who has pets they love. I wouldn’t take mine anywhere else. I am so grateful for what they do and how well they have worked with us to make our little guy healthy again.

Reprinted from: http://www.dexknows.com/business_profiles/verandah_pet_hospital-b1268817#openReview

The best experience I’ve ever had at a vet clinic by animal caregiver      
10/12/2010 Dr. Piper’s staff were phenomenal. Reception had no problem squeezing me in for an emergency visit. All facilities were clean. They were very kind and thorough. Dr. Piper was knowledgeable, courteous, gentle, and caring. He took the extra time to make sure that my dog would be cared for appropriately. I love my animals dearly and it was refreshing to have such outstanding care.

Reprinted from: http://www.dexknows.com/business_profiles/verandah_pet_hospital-b1268817#openReview

Devoted to pet – Posted by lindamintz248 on 05/17/2010      
Dr. Piper and his staff are the greatest vets in Fort Myers. Dr. Piper has dedicated his life to serving his pet patients and does it without question. When Dr. Piper sold his clinig (Piper’s Riverdale Animal Clinic) and was not practicing at the clinic, we had no choice but seek a vet elsewhere. What a joke that was!!! Our miniature schnauzer was being treated by another vet in town who could not determine what the dog’s problem was and really wasn’t treating him for much of anything. The dog continued to go down hill quickly. Thank goodness Dr. Piper returned to his previous clinic and had reopened. My husband took the dog to him to be “put down” because he was so sick. Dr. Piper said “NO”. Let me run a couple of tests on him and see what I find. It didn’t take very long and the dog was back on his feet and continues to do wonderfully. A couple of weeks ago my chihuahua became very sick on a Monday morning before I went to work. I took him into Dr. Piper’s hospital when they opened. He spent 4 days w/Dr. Piper and he is on the mend now. He would have died it if hadn’t been for Dr. Piper and his great staff. They are all so caring and dedicated “animal” people. You won’t find a better vet and staff.

Reprinted from: http://www.yellowpages.com/fort-myers-fl/mip/verandah-pet-hospital-456122912/reviews?lid=173567254

Great Doctor, Great Staff, Great Clinic by Dog Owner
02/04/2010 Dr. Piper is back. He took in our dog on Christmas eve morning after our dog ate rat poison. He stayed late to make sure my dog got the best of care! As a result of Dr. Piper’s dedication, our dog has made it thru the ordeal without any problems.This is NOT an isolated case, as Dr. Piper has taken care of our pets for the previous fifteen years before he sold his clinic. We are glad he is back practicing!

Reprinted from: http://www.dexknows.com/business_profiles/verandah_pet_hospital-b1268817#openReview 

Pipers’ reopen by Dog Owner      
10/07/2009 Dr Piper reopened his practice this week. Several of his former staff are already back with him. THIS IS GREAT NEWS!

Reprinted from: http://www.dexknows.com/business_profiles/verandah_pet_hospital-b1268817#openReview 

Teacher by cat lover      
09/23/2009 I am sure it will be top notch as Dr. Piper is there. Can’t wait for them to open!

Reprinted from: http://www.dexknows.com/business_profiles/verandah_pet_hospital-b1268817#openReview